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Sunday, March 28, 2004

I've been revisiting The Underground Grammarian and just came across the article The Ordeal by Fire.

It struck me that he was talking about something like TCS fallibility. I can't do justice by summarizing it, but can only encourage you to read it. Here's a taste:
It does not take a scientist to suppose that he may be wrong. It does not take a learned jurist to consider what sort of "right" any one person might have to order and govern not only the ordinary social behavior but even the inner life of belief and conviction in another person, and whether the having of that right implies some corresponding responsibility, and what that responsibility might be. It does not take a philosopher to ask by whose authority it is that he now deems himself an authority legitimately constituted to raise up others by his rule. It takes no more than a single human person to say, I could be wrong.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Dean Esmay Isn't Fond of School

Undergraduate college, in particular.

Save this link for times when homeschoolers express terror that their kids might not get admitted into college.

And, here's a followup.

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